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The Turquoise Cup is a creative endeavor dreamed up and carried out by Erica Jones. It began in 2009 under the name The Crop Shop. Back then, the business sold mostly scrapbook and craft supplies. When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, the entire inventory was ruined. In the aftermath of the storm, a new dream was born.


Owner, Erica Jones, would go on to transform The Crop Shop into The Turquoise Cup as it exists today: a safe and inviting art cafe for all to enjoy. Erica has a deep love of art and has been a potter since the wee age of 8 years old. She carries out this passion into every detail of the business.


The Turquoise Cup is a truly unique space. It is both an art studio and a cafe, living together happily under one roof. When you drop by The Turquoise Cup, you can enjoy a selection of locally baked goods, a fresh cup of coffee, or set out on a creative adventure with one of our many DIY projects. Whatever you decide, we hope that you'll find this space as inviting and inspiring as we do. 

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