Woman Painting Pottery


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

How does Open Studio work?

The Turquoise Cup is a Paint Your Own Pottery studio. Open studio means that you can come in anytime that we are open to paint pottery or canvas in our art studio. Weekends can get busy, so we highly suggest reserving a table so you don't have to wait. First, you'll choose from our wide variety of pottery. We have mugs, plates, platters, bowls, figuringes, banks, figurines, picture frames and ... long story short, there's a lot for you to choose! Next, one of our friendly art assistant staffers will walk you through painting techniques and our 60+ color paint bar. They'll show you where everything is and if you're interested, some fun technqiques to try out. Next, the fun begins. You are welcome to spend as long as you like painting your piece and spending quality time creating a masterpiece! When you're all finished, you'll leave your pottery with us to be fired, and come back in about a week to pick up!

How much does it cost?

To come in and paint in our studio at anytime, we charge an $8 studio fee, plus the cost of your pottery. Your studio fee includes glazing, firing, and unlimited sitting time (up until closing time, that is)! Since we're on the subject, some pieces dont HAVE to be painted with our ceramic glazes. Banks and figurines dont neccesarily have to have our permanent, food safe glaze. Therefore, if you want to purchase a pottery piece to paint with acrylic or tempera paint at home, then there is no studio fee. (This can be a fun option for home parties or playdates. )

When will I get pottery back?

In general, it takes about 1 week for your pottery to be ready for pick-up. Most times, it's a little shorter, but sometimes it's a little longer. Either way, we will send you an email as soon as it's all packaged up and ready for pickup.

What happens after I paint my pottery?

The hard part is all done.. you've created your masterpiece, you've left it on the table, and walk out the door, leaving said masterpiece in our hands. Later on that night, we will take all the painted pieces that have been painted that day to our kiln room. We will coat it in a clear glaze, wait for it dry, load it in the kiln and fire it up! The kiln bakes your pottery at the very tropical and balmy temperature of 1,888 degrees Fahrenheit. This process is slow and steady, taking about 9 hours to reach this temperature. It then takes about another 24 hours for the kiln to cool down again to under 100 degrees, which is about cool enough for us to open the kiln without burning ourselves or having your pottery crack. After that, we unload the kiln, package up your pieces and send you an email letting you know that it's ready for pick up!

Can I have a party here?

Why, yes you can! Visit our Parties page to learn more and send us an email or give us a call to book.

Is this just for kids?

No way! We have more adults come in to paint than we do kids! Pottery painting is a relaxing and creative activity to do with someone you'd like to spend some good wholesome quality time with... even if that someone is just you!

Do you have classes?

Absolutely! We host multiple classes per month. You can visit our Workshops page to learn more and see our schedule.

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend your classes?

Our evening classes are for adults ages 21+ only, as it is a BYOB event. However, morning pottery wheel sessions are open to young adults ages 16 and up as long as they are mature, respectful with delicate materials, and comfortable working independently.

Are materials provided and included in cost of the class?

Yes. Cost includes instruction, clay, tools, towels, aprons, glaze, and bisque firing. To paint your finished and bisque fired creations, you'll need to come back during open studio time.

Can I make a vase or a mug in my first pottery class?

This is entirely up to you and your skill set. We will provide and assist you with instruction and techniques for throwing basically anything on the pottery wheel. However, like any other skill, it does take time and practice to master. Therefore, we never advise that you can make any one specific thing by the end of your first class. We will help you to make something... however, if that item turns out to be a lopsided bowl, it will be YOUR lopsided bowl that will make an excellent jewelry holder or loose coin toss or key depot that will be functional, and most importantly, a reminder that you created something unique!

I am a seasoned potter...Can I work without instruction?

Classes at The Turquoise Cup are designed to be fun and casual, more so for beginning potters. During the fall and spring, we offer multi-week sessions for students looking to truly learn the art of throwing on a pottery wheel. These sessions as well as our drop-in classes are kept small to ensure lots of individualized attention. Therefore, if you're interested in working on your own thing without instruction, our classes probably aren't the best fit. :( We will soon offer open studio for those who are taking classes with us or have passed our Independent Study Assessment.