Open Studio

Step 1:
Pick your pottery
Choose from our wide selection of pottery pieces. Our friendly staff is there to help you! 

Step 2:

Paint your pottery

Our staff will help you with painting techniques and then you create your masterpiece.

Step 3:
Enjoy your pottery
After firing in the kiln,your piece will be ready for pickup in about a week.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What is Alpana Dashboard ?

The ALPANA Dashboard Platform is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and sharing interactive industrial dashboards. Thanks to its native Wonderware Historian and Wonderware Insight connectors, it is meant for Aveva Software. It can work with many other datasources, trough a wide list of connectors

Is Alpana Dashboard multitenant ?

Alpana supports multitenancy. A Tenant is an isolated instance with its own users, dashboards, permissions, branding, etc... It is a great feature to facilitate the administration of complex architectures. This is very usefull for OEM and multi site users

What Alpana is NOT

Alpana is not dedicated to be an ETL or a complete data preparation tool. We expose a simple user interface to perform simple data preparation, but in a very limited way compared to a great dedicated tool like Wonderware Intelligence. Please refer to the list of Intelligence features for more details on how it can be used and what are its features. Alpana can let you make table joins, filters, expressions, etc... in a great user interface, but does not pre-aggregate data. If you need to query Historian for many tags over several years, it might be very slow compared to a tool like Wonderware Intelligence where you can pre-aggregate data, calculations, etc. Wonderware Intelligence also features a contextualization tool called "Time Slicing" which allows to add context in a way that Alpana is not able.

What kind of security is available with Alpana

Alpana supports LDAP, ADFS, OpenId, Google Fo the ones that do not have such tools Alpana has it's own security database.

Does Alpana supports RGPD directives

Alpana is fully featured for RGPD. Users can download the information that we keep about them